Celebrate Pro Bono 2012!

October 21-27, 2012

American Bar Association

President Laurel Bellows

Welcomes You To The

National Celebration of Pro Bono



The National Pro Bono Celebration focuses the nation’s attention on the increased need for pro bono services during these challenging economic times and celebrates the outstanding work of lawyers who volunteer their services throughout the year. It is essential that the entire legal community engage in conversation and action that results in equal access to justice for all. The energy generated by the National Pro Bono Celebration is a powerful force that helps us build a just legal system.”

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“We are bound by a responsibility to use our
unique skills and training – not just to advance cases, but to serve a cause; and to help our nation fulfill its founding promise of equal justice under law…The obligation of pro bono service must become a part of the DNA of both the legal profession and of every lawyer.” Eric Holder

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