More Than A Law Firm

Florentin Wiriadinata is one of  Law firms in Indonesian. We are regularly recognized by our lawyers and staff as being a great place to work. Most recently, our mid-level firm Florentin Wiriadinata work for a survey conducted by  Lawyer magazine Indonesia. Our commitment to developing and maintaining a professional environment where each person feels like he or she belongs, and can thrive professionally, remains an important aspect of our firm’s culture.
We are proud of our reputation for providing clients with what they value–exceptional legal skills, responsiveness and practical solutions delivered with the highest level of professional integrity. We believe this is best accomplished through a team approach that encourages and provides our clients access to the extensive legal experience of our attorneys. In tandem, our attorneys and staff benefit from the interesting and challenging experiences that come with serving the evolving legal issues of our dynamic client base. We believe that you will find that our regional model supports a congenial work environment, which fosters opportunities for professional growth.
More than a law firm, Florentin Wiriadinata is a community. We invite you to explore our firm and envision yourself as part of our community. By fostering an enjoyable working environment based on open communication and mutual respect, and by promoting initiative, innovation, teamwork and loyalty, we offer a world of opportunity.
We offer a community of success.