One of  FW Law Firm mission is to give contribution to the community by providing a pro bono service. It is one of our obligation as lawyers to help less fortunate people with their legal problem. Helping people by providing free of charge legal service is one of lawyer’s obligations as stated in Law No. 18 of 2003 on Advocate. A pro bono service is also in conform to our core values i.e. gratitude and share.

You care, you are participating, you are helping the poor get their due justice. Support us to provide legal aid to the poor.FW Law Firm to promote democracy, human rights, rule of law and the real embodiment.

We are open to private donors and institutions to participate to provide assistance for the benefit of the poor.

Kantor Advokat dan Bantuan Hukum Florentin Wiriadinata
Acc. No. 0536-01-001836-53-4 (Ordonary Account)
Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), Tbk
Branch  Indah Mas Balaraja
Local Code Bank : 002